We are dedicated to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help others learn the truth about Jesus Christ and the Holy Scriptures. we are an online based Ministry and conduct most services online. Email or call for appt and schedule for wedding ceremonies, funeral services. (1-774 – 303- 5293)  Also, email us your questions or concerns – If you would like to schedule counseling times we ask that you please email a week in advance or call ahead of time to make an appointment.

Our basic doctrinal beliefs : (what the bible says!)

#1 You are granted eternal life and forgiveness of all sins by faith in Jesus Christ and his finished work on the cross.

#2 You are Righteous, justified, sanctified, new creatures that are clean and blameless by faith in Jesus Christ.

#3 You never need to ask for more forgiveness every time you sin because the blood of Jesus worked, He forgave all sins past, present and future.

#4 Jesus did not come to establish a religion of any kind, rather a personal relationship with you!

#5 Jesus fulfilled the Law completely and perfectly because we can’t and so we wouldn’t have to, therefore We live under the NEW COVENANT Jesus ushered forth after his death, making us dead to the Law and spiritually alive to God. We rest in the finished works of Jesus Christ and NOT our own.

#6 The church is not a building or place but the body of believers in Jesus Christ.

#7 Jesus is God in the flesh. Father, son and Holy Spirit are all one.