Responding to emotions, can we trust them?

Responding to emotion vs responding to the Truth
Emotions are responders, they respond to the current situation or your thoughts. So if they are merely responsive and have absolutely no intellect, then what is the key to responding with fruit of the spirit instead of sin?  
Your thoughts, they must be focused on the TRUTH of Jesus. Your emotions will respond to the thoughts in your mind, causing the truth of Jesus to outweigh the current situation or current temptation. 
Your emotions can only feel at the present time,  you cant feel what you did yesterday nor can you feel what you do tomorrow however your thoughts can influence your emotions to respond as if it was the present moment. 

The truth of Jesus stands tall in any moment, making it unbreakable,  therefore if your emotions respond to the truth of Christ what is the result?

Fruit of the Spirit.


Because your depending on Jesus and placing your faith in his truth therefore reacting to that truth instead of your flesh.


3 thoughts on “Responding to emotions, can we trust them?

  1. Dear Lucas,

    Thank you very much for this very uplifting and inspiring blog posting. I know how it feels to let my emotions take control instead of God. I know that God is changing me to not let me be led by the truth of God.

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