The “word of God”

Back in the day churches only had 1 or 2 letters at a time, and shuffled them around. No complete bible in sight. So what exactly was the word of God to them? Well it always meant to be Jesus Christ. And his Gospel message.
The word of God is Jesus.

What does ALL of the scriptures (inspired word) testify of? JESUS.
inspired word = word of God = Jesus

Truth.               =  truth.            = Jesus
Inspired word does NOT = Jesus (in other words,  the bible is not a person. Jesus said HE was the truth. The truth is a person and that person lives in you)(the bible CONTAINS TRUTH) BIG difference. The bible is truth because it comes from God, however Jesus is the truth that lives in us and not in the pages of the bible.
I never down play the importance of the bible nor the truth it contains because it was inspired by God himself. But I emphasize the importance of understanding whom the word is, whom the truth is, and where the truth lives. The “word of God” is not the bible… its not genesis.. not romans.. not revelations… the word of God is Jesus Christ and when that clicks in your mind everything else does to.
Set your eyes on the Jesus who lives inside you, not who lived in the pages of the bible. 


2 thoughts on “The “word of God”

    1. Absolutely ! Thank you for commenting. I’m glad to know there are others online who express the truth and appreciate it! Alot of times people will worship their bible instead of the author ♡ im always here if you want to talk ♡

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