Wisdom comes from God. All truth that exists comes from God, all true things are of God, whatever is true is ultimately good. Truth is within the mind of the believer,  truth is comprehension of the spiritual nature of God, truth is comprehension of the very concept of Christ. You could say God is made out of wisdom. (I use that term loosely here) God is pure truth,  he is pure wisdom. God is wisdom. Jesus is truth, he is wisdom.  
Knowing truth is not the same as feeling an emotion, knowing truth is faith in the God of the universe through acceptance of Jesus Christ. 
This is wisdom. Let the very essence of it drip off your lips, let your mind soak in all of the entirety of Jesus and his truth, let the wisdom pour on you like honey, dripping off your face into a pool of knowledge and intense truth and intense love and intense freedom. Let your every thought be dipped into this wisdom and let your behavior be the example of the very real spiritual wisdom that lives inside your very being.
That wisdom being Jesus christ. 

That honey being the blood. 

That pool being your treasure. 

Everything you are now is of love and wisdom through Jesus Christ. Let your minds be renewed, let your minds be opened to truth. The Holy Spirit lives in us. Right now. This very second.


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