What 1 year in Christ has done to me

Today marks my twenty-third year on earth as a human being, and it also marks my first official year in Christ. I have never felt more alive than I have this past year, I have experienced some bad and a lot of good. The bad times taught me valuable lessons, and the good times filled my memory jar with amazing moments to think back on for the rest of my life.

     I understand now why I feel so alive, why I am able to take my experiences and turn them into something worth living through no matter the circumstance. It is because the living God dwells in me, he literally lives in me, through me, expresses himself in me and through me.

     I can’t describe how I feel knowing this truth, it makes my mind oblivious to everything else which is a distraction from me living my life to the fullest in Christ Jesus.

    I have been making better decisions in my life, I have been gaining more than I have been losing. I have been conquering fears and fleshly “Anchors” which have been dragging me down and holding me back from living out to my full potential.

    I have destroyed my fear of fear. I understand now what being afraid actually is, and it’s actually something which is not logical in any sense. I have been able to master my own mind, creating a solution to the problem even though at times it may be difficult for me to actually avoid a problem – the solution still exists and the answer is Jesus.

    I have come to organize in my mind the purpose of my life, the reason why I’m alive, my identity, my reason for breathing. I have come to understand my gifts, my abilities, and my thresholds – my limits, my weaknesses and my personality.

    I have never understood life the way I do now, it is like everything just started to fall into place like I was watching God put a puzzle together. that puzzle being my life.

    I am forever grateful for the life of Christ in me now, this is the greatest gift I have ever received and its the greatest gift I have. It never perishes, it never fades, it never dies out. The life of Christ is always in me, even in my worst of times. The life of Christ is my source of life, my source of happiness, my source of contentment. I am so happy to be a branch, I’m so happy Jesus is the vine, I cannot do this life on my own and I’m forever grateful God gave me his life to depend on for the rest of my own physical and eternal life.

I’m twenty-three years old.

    I am happy to say Jesus fills me so much and is all I need, my daddy. I am absolutely satisfied, absolutely full, absolutely filled, absolutely free, absolutely LOVED. even if I never lived another day in my life. it wouldn’t phase me, because I’m with Jesus whether I’m awake or I sleep, In the flesh Christ lives in me, and to be apart from this body is to be present with Christ. To live is Christ, and to die is gain.


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