My name is Lucas Rodriguez, I am currently the Lead Pastor for Lucas Ministries, a non – profit and nondenominational Christian ministry and have a fiery passion to spread the Gospel and help others understand truth of the Scriptures. If you need to contact me please don’t hesitate to press the contact link and send me an email! I will respond asap.

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This website is meant for those who desire the love of God/Yah and desire truth, for those who CLAIM YAHUSHA/JESUS KING and Lord and Savior – And to learn about the New covenant and Grace of our Father. This Ministry focuses on truth and faith in Jesus Christ and his Gospel.

Our basic doctrinal beliefs are as follows:

What the bible says:

– We are righteous and justified and completely sanctified by Faith in Jesus Christ and by faith alone.

– Jesus died for all sins, past, present and future sins.

– Jesus did not come to establish a religion but a personal relationship with YOU.

– We are free from Law, and dead to sin! we are no longer under any type of bondage of sin. We are free in Christ to do what we feel in the heart ❤

– We are saints by the blood of Jesus Christ, not by our own works.
– The body of believers is the true church of God, the bride of Christ, NOT a building called “church”

– The only sin unpaid for is the sin of unbelief in Jesus Christ and will be the only judgment upon mankind. (belief in Christ

– Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all one. One God, 3 different functions in our life.