Trapped in willful sin – Did I lose my salvation?

People today are very concerned with getting trapped in willful sin mainly because they believe they can lose Their salvation because of one willful sin, especially if you don’t "repent" of it - which is basically the process of asking for forgiveness again and again and again. This simply isn't true. What must be understood…Read more Trapped in willful sin – Did I lose my salvation?

What is baptism?

We are baptized by the Holy Spirit through faith. When you believe in Christ, your baptized in the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What does that mean? Baptism : "to be placed into" The Law required you to be "placed into" water as a symbol of repentance, for the remission of sins. This…Read more What is baptism?

What is the New Covenant?

The New Covenant is Gods promise to the world that through faith in his son Jesus Christ we are saved, granted eternal life, forgiven of all sins and completely justified and sanctified. God is pouring out his love to the world through Jesus, so that the world may see how much God truly loves his…Read more What is the New Covenant?

The problem using single verses 

The problem with using single verses is that people use them out of context, so it creates confusion.  The purpose of knowing context is so you can truly comprehend the message being written as it was written, in the time it was written, who it was written to and for, and who the author is.…Read more The problem using single verses 

The Great I AM

"The Great I AM" poem by Lucas Rodriguez  (Provoke the Truth) Everything I am, he is Everything he is, I am. Why did he say his name is "I AM" Because he is, in You.  You are, who he is and he is, who you are.  You are born in his image.  Born with the…Read more The Great I AM