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Please bear with me as my video quality is not the best nor is my recording equipment however I believe the Truth of the Gospel is more important than a cool camera or awesome quality! hope you enjoy and are edified please leave comments or email me with any questions you may have. (You can find all my videos on youtube in the top menu option) By clicking the links below you will be redirected to our Youtube Channel. 

Is the Law of Moses (10 commandments) for me today?

How context plays a role in reading the bible

Should I fear God

What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ (part 2)

breaking the false doctrine of Progressive Sanctification

What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? (part 1)

How do I walk by the Spirit?

How to handle temptation

Truth about Grace and Sins

First Fruits

Truth about faith without works is dead

Are we looked at as sinners in the eyes of God?

Is the bible the word of God?

Jesus is God

What is repentance?

Is water baptism necessary? (old law works)

The importance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The importance of the Crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ

Does the Holy Spirit convict us of sin?

The Armor of God is your identity

Mathew, Mark, Luke and John are OLD COVENANT / OLD TESTAMENT    

Can you lose your salvation?

Can you fall from grace?

Battling emotions (Depression, Anger, Fear, Anxiety)

Having a relationship with Jesus vs Religion

Does God send disaster to remind us of his love? Is our faith tested?

Who am I? A sinner or Saint?

How to beat addiction by having a relationship with Jesus Christ

What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ part 3

How do I feel the fruit of the Spirit ? How do I express it?

What is repentance? (part 2)

What bible should I read? And is it really that important?

How to handle temptation (part 2) “addiction to willful sin”

Free will – What is it, how do I use it, do I have it? (part1) 

Difference between the Law of Moses and Laws of Christ

Free will and choices (Part 2)

By Gods Grace I will get a new job, car,healing, or will I?

Being a young believer in Christ – Mental Strength